Friday, May 30, 2008

Sharing Part 4- "If You Are Living This Way, STOP NOW!"

First let me say, I'm sick today.:( I seem to finally have what my kids had over a week ago. Headache, swollen throat and sinus stuffies. Not enough to put me in bed, but enough to feel like I'm dragging myself around with a rope. I'm kinda taking a self declared day off from major stuff. My son is all ready in front of "The Wiggles" I love when he wants to milk out his preschool years as long as possible. I'll miss it when it's gone.

The words in quote above were not said by me, they were shocking hammers in my head spoken at church on Sunday. Many of you know, our WONDERFUL Pastor and his family are on sabbatical right now. Our leader of family ministries Shane, has been teaching. I always enjoy his teaching although his style is different. This sermon was absolutely amazing! I know people refer sermons left and right in bloggy land but this is a life changing one. It builds as it goes and by the end I was dumbfounded how loudly the Lord was speaking to me through it. You don't have an idea what the "STOP NOW" is about , I know. I want you to listen. Do you have some dishes to do? Laundry to fold? Bathroom to clean? Treadmill stroll to take? Please listen.
Here is your link. (some computers have had a hard time playing the sermon format, my desktop did, I suggest a laptop if you can't do it through your desktop)

Here is what I'm going to do. Since I'm not feeling great and not on top of my thoughts even though phrases I loved from it are swimming in my head ( I have heard the sermon three times all ready!), I will listen again and take notes. I will come back here to post those on this blog post later today.
In the mean time. If you listen, please post comment about what was amazing to you.
We are going through the book of Galatians.... a wonderful book!
I look forward to hearing from many of you! Let's gather at the feasting table of God's word and fellowship with joy about what we are fed!

On a side note: I'm totally excited and yet totally sad. "Lost" is closing is up for the season! Now, it's funny but God loves me so I know he takes this with a sence of humor. I have jokingly told him that if he's coming back soon.... can he wait till I find out what happens on lost first? I hear the kid in me "God, please don't come back till I get married and have kids!?". Oh, if we only knew what was really waiting for us we would never even think these things! Yet, in my human finite brain, the thought was there. Of course I didn't mean it and I'm thankful he doesn't plan by me! I just love Lost! There were a few episodes last season I was NOT excited about and almost dropped off the wagon. We don't have tv so we watch online and they have all four episodes on right now up to the present. The season finale is on the computer today and I can't wait for bed time tonight!!! "Kids, I think an early bedtime would be good for you tonight... you look so tired!":) Nothing better than feeling crummy and cuddling up to watch something really good. I hope it's great. Don't tell me if you know anything!
Scrolll down for the fun Lost Sawyer Nickname generator! Mine is "Lightbulb". :*

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