Monday, January 5, 2009

Lord Help Me I'm Eating White Again

We are big whole wheat and sucunat people. I have not had the grocery budget for wheat berries and sucunat lately though. I feel the guilt each time I make the kids cookies with white sugar and flour.

Today was different, I felt a wave of peace about it. One big thing is moderation which we should have anyway. I know some people use just sucunat and say they don't eat sugar and I was thinking as I was making cookies.. um, yeah, you do. Sucunat is a sugar, but yes, it's healthier. If we really go good we would cook with black strap molasses because that is the healthiest form of sweetener you can use.

The fact is, we have to learn to be moderate people. That is what I want to learn to do. Nothing this side of heaven is a cure for anything. Many choices make our lives better by feeding our bodies what they need. Right now I just don't have the budget for it though. However, I do have the money for fresh fruits and veggies! That is what I choose to use it for instead anyway. On the treats I need to learn major restraint and using sucunat can actually give me an excuse to have more than I should. Knowing it is really not good for us, but a real treat, helps me moderate myself and children almost better.

I do hope to have it in the budget again later on. You go with what God gives you. You work with what ya got. You let the guilt go.. You show self-restraint. You exercise when you can. You consider everything a gift from God and you use it wisely.

I try to tell the kids that the fruits and veggies in heaven (and if you read Alcorn, you know we will be eating in heaven as the scripture says we will feast) will be as they were meant to be, so good you would not want sugar.

They look at me weird.

I know, broccoli as good as's hard for me to.:)


tricia said...

I am having to make some of those same decisions. I want to buy unbleached white flour, but that isn't in my budget right now. I have to mix white flour with my whole wheat to make it go further when I make bread. I am trying to stock up in my cupboard this month, not knowing what next month will bring.

Zimms Zoo said...

Boy don't I know that feeling. I have been researching healthy alternatives to white sugar. It is quite frustrating and expensive. Right now we are buying raw honey in bulk. But I havent used it too much in baking yet so haven't quite figured out how it translates in recipes.

I buy whole wheat too. But sometimes cut it with white just to make it go further.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I face this too.
I always say that to myself "everything in moderation" I know that is the key.

Have a great week,

Gombojav Tribe said...

I'm not sure they serve broccoli in heaven, although I like it fine here on earth. I firmly believe that at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb they are serving Tirimasu and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. There's no changin' my mind about it. ;-)

Alicia said...

ha! yeah, that's why that song is called "i can only imagine"!:)

one thing we know for sure...nothing will be bad for us and everything will be beyond anything we can crave right now!:)

Anna Dawson said...

Good post :) Just be glad you don't have to buy Gluten free baking stuff... it is so expensive, but even more so to buy anything premade. Have you tried Agave nectar? It's pretty reasonable at TJ's and a good sugar alternative.

Alicia said...

Hi Anna, thanks for commenting!
I am VERY thanful the kids don't have special food needs. AND I'm thankful that for the kids that do, there are options now and lots of new ideas. I do feel bad for mom's having to make thoe extra purchases with this economy. Do you guys have allergy issues? I did not realize.
I have friends who have used agave nectar and it is avaliable in our co-op. I would be curious to know cost..I'll have to check it out.
Funny thing, my friend Christina ordered some and it came in THE CUTEST little mini milk gallon jug. I wanted it just for the jug, it was that cute!

Karen said...

We haven't moved beyond white sugar yet (occasionally organic sugar), as I made the decision last year to remove most of the artificial sweeteners from my family's aspartame etc, no high fructose corn syrup...white sugar is at least better than putting those chemically engineered things in our bodies. And in general I don't allow my kids much in the way of sweets anyway so they aren't eating it by the cupful.

And that went hand in hand with generally eating more naturally and organically and avoiding trans fats. Oh and the plastic issue...I've been trying to make better decisions there too.

All in all..."better decisions" with what I have is what I can do for my family...there's no perfect.

Anna Dawson said...

Yea, we do actually. None of us eat dairy due to allergies. And Kenzie is severely allergic to gluten, dairy, and peanuts. It is a constant struggle of getting her stuff to eat and making sure Cameron doesn't share anything with her, ect. It's so hard when they are little and don't understand. I've just started doing all my own gluten free baking though and that helps.