Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Getting Older and Coming Into Myself Unashamedly

I have felt strange the last few days. It's probably got a lot to do with coming down off the high of the weekend. Now, today it's raining and there is something about the rain that opens a spring of ongoing thoughts in my head. So lookout....here it goes.

I've just about given up on blogging. I've asked myself why. Myself answered pretty quick. I'm tired of many aspects of it. I'm at that point in my life when I really long for deep relationships with people who really know me and STILL want to be my close friend. I feel more bonded to my husband than ever and find him the closest friend I have. As the years have gone by there is far less pretense in our relationship and I truly can be myself and speak my mind. I've often wished I could run a blog that way. It's not as easy as that. Many people are really good at just posting how they are doing or what's going on. I like that too but my huge compulsion is to speak my mind and be who I am which is far more dangerous. Sometimes people don't want to know who you really are. They may not like the things you say, or the way you say them. They may not think what you talk about on the blog is appropriate for discussion and they certainly come from their own life perspectives which will in turn, interpret what you say in a way you never saw coming. Is is possible to find unconditional love in the blog world? No, I don't think so. True friends are the ones you can hug now and then and sit down to tea with. Still, meeting new people is so fun and I've enjoyed bogging for that. The fact is though, they don't really know me and I think I need to stop expecting blogging to be that social connection in my life. It's a world where everyone is putting their best foot forward. It's really truly an outlet and not an inlet. The whole true art of it is to do what I've held back or tried to work around...being yourself.

I'm coming into myself in a way I never have before. I'm wanting to more true to those I love, to God, and to myself. There is no room in trying to compare yourself or pattern yourself after others in that, or even to keep up the show of being your own best foot all the time. I've tweaked and twisted my blog to protect myself from some effect of what others think or may do with what I've shared. I have not been the same since I've locked this blog down. I felt like I had been locked down. Trying to run two blogs, one that I can talk on and one that I have to filter is driving me nuts. I came here to be myself unashamedly and not to be what was acceptable to some. I came to share my life, as many do, but also my thoughts on life which are my own.

I guess what I'm saying is that I want it on my terms or I don't want to do it anymore. Blogging is a different art in that sense because it's much more vulnerable than any painting or song. Those arts can be critiqued for their singularity, but a blog puts all of you out there for others to do as they please with. Really, it's not a very smart thing to do. Some of us are compelled to write to the point of it being a need. That would be me.

So, this is really going to bug all of you who have to change it back on your side bar, but I'm opening the blog up again and really don't care what comes of it. I'm tired of letting others orchestrate it and what I chose to or not to talk about my life. What happened was definitely done to me and my sharing my heart on what the Lord has done in my life is not something I'm sorry I did. I'm sorry that some decided to meddle and disturb my mother with it though. I'm not going to let myself be punished for their bad decision to meddle.

I'm also in a strange place spiritually right now. Everything is great in my life but I kind of feel like I've been spiritually coasting for a long time. Like you just came down from the grade and your speed seems it's going to keep you sailing for a while but you actually find yourself slowing down sooner than you think. Even having a passion for Eternity in my heart can make this life a little weird. I guess with the political and spiritual climate I've kinda felt like "let's just get it over with shall we" or "just hang on till it's over Alicia". My apathy aggravates me. It's not a feeling of hopelessness or depression at all, it's more like a lack of fire to produce anything substantial. I guess I've been feeling spiritually blah. No mountain tops in sight right now. I feel like I should not complain, everything is good in life. I just feel the need for a Spiritual espresso...grande or tall please. Wake me up to something Lord! Move me. It's obviously time to get into the word. Yet, at the same time I don't like my life being full of emotional spiritual ups and downs, so that's not what I'm asking for. I'm like a soldier begging for a mission. Aware that the small work everyday is important...I desire a challenge and feel way too pensive.

There has to be a song for this.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm all about being real more and more in my life. Not about impressing anyone. Not about censoring myself but about becoming someone authentic. The hard thing about that is that not all of life and reality is sweet and pretty. Not even for the believer. To get to the mountain we have to go through the valleys, big or small. Even that is a huge spiritual analogy and my goal is for even more of the mundane everyday authenticity. I'm starting to get down to the bottom of my thoughts, scratching the end of the supply of genius and wondering "Where the heck was I going with this?" There has to be more to sort out, I just can't seem to get to it. Perhaps the clouds today are seeping into my brain.

Practically ....The Happy Homebody is going back to a cooking and household ideas blog. I'm taking the lock down off this blog. I'm going to be who I am from my spot on the planet and not let the world frustrate me for being so. I'm going to seek authentic relationships with people who are comfortable in their own skin and are shooting for eternity with me. Imperfect as we are....marching on ...coming into ourselves and what's really going on in our heads as we learn how to navigate this temporal pilgrimage. Anyone with me? It's okay if you really don't even know what the heck I'm talking about cause I hardly know myself. I came here try to sort that out. The blog world is just feeling a little stuffy to me and I think it's time to open some windows people and let some fresh air in. Spring clean your brain and find an original thought in there somewhere. Take a deep breath and feel that you're alive with passions and ideals and not anxious to just be marching in a matchbox of humanity all saying "yes" and "is that so?" while in your head your 20 miles away trying not to show it.


Joy said...

Hey Alicia, I've been missing you. I was so glad to see your blog pop back up again on my reader. I know you have had lots to sort thru and you are really sharing your heart here. I know blogger friends seem to only live in our computers and we can't reach out and physically be there for each other, but I can honestly say there are so wonderful Godly women out there that are authentic and encouraging and I choose to stick with them when I read blogs. Share what you want to share, be authentic and if there is nothing that you feel like posting that is fine too. My blog is all over the place in content, no real theme. Anyway, wanted to tell you how glad I am to see (or read) you again.


Alicia said...

Thanks Joy, I look forward to the journey.:) I'm glad it's back up too. I felt like a part of me was gone.

Karen said...

I'm happy to see you "back" too. Be secure in who you are and those who are true friends will not judge you. Wish we could have tea in person!!

tricia said...

It is great to read your blog. I miss reading what is going on in your head. I enjoy reading your honest thoughts and being encouraged and challenged by your thoughts. I look forward to having a cup of tea and hopeful a long conversation today.