Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Present To You.....

I've a little set of pass-a-longs for you today! Besides, after this little tid-bit I'm chilling out for the afternoon until my walk this evening. Sundays are glorious.

First I want to say that Princess is doing so much better and God has answered some prayers for me to be loving to her the way she needs it. I'm thankful for some breakthrough.


I have a few new blogs to send you to. The first is an old fellow mission trip friend of mine. Tanja and I were on the same Teen Mission's Around The World Russia trip when we were teens. She is a Canook, specifically from Saskatchewan and even got snow just the other day! Wow, I still can't imagine that! She has a lovely blog called "EdenRune".

The truly amazing thing has happend though. Tanja and I went off from that summer, grew up, got married and lived our lives never realizing that we gave our son's the same name! Now, if you're son is named John, that might not be to incredible. However the name Caedmon (yes, I know I'm putting his actual name here instead of his blog undercover don't have to email me lovlely helpful ladies that you are:)....I'm breaking my own rule this time) is NOT one you hear much at all.

The cute thing too is that she was telling me he has the same problem my son does at school. Some of the kids think his name is "Caveman"! They literally call him that and his mommy has to say "do you know, his name is actually (IPA: /ˈkædmɒn/) 'kaed-mon?" Even adults will cay "Caveman" or "kaed-uh-mon" . The caveman one get's me though when it comes from adults...I just can't believe they really think I would name my child Caveman.

SO>>>'s fun cawinkeedink, and very cool that Tanja is a blogger so I have a new side bar addition!

The second new blog is that of a lovely young lady in my church. Very talented in the art of dressmaking. I looked at what she has on there so far and I want one just to wear around and feel lovely! Maddie makes gowns for our local Civil War balls that a lot of the homeschool families go to. The site is to promote her work and display it. Go to: Clothed In Linen and Purple and have a look-see.

Lastly is a blog I just came across a long time ago and just browse now and then but want to keep up on more so I'm adding it to the blog roll. It's called "4 Reluctant Entertainers" and is just delightful on many levels. It's not one of those Suzie -homemaker- on- espresso (like that, I just made that up) blogs either (NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THOSE BLOGS AND I BETTER SAY THAT BECAUSE SURE ENOUGH I'LL GET A NOTE LIKE I DID LAST TIME I BROUGHT UP THIS SUBJECT:). The blog is refreshing and creative and in the here and now (as apposed to trying to recreate life as it use to be on Little House on The Prairie- NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT EITHER....I just enjoy up to date and domestic art in our times NOW...because it is possible you know:) The food ideas are so healthy, colorful and make me want to EAT! It's one of those beauty in simplicity type blogs.

Now on to other things...
My kids just can't stop reading this book!

We got it from the local little library (Hi Judy, we love you! Judy is our librarian and you will find her blog linked here as well as her cooking blog which will be linked also at Happy Homebody Soon as the links there will become more domestically fine tuned) and the kids just won't put it down long. They carry it around the last two days and read it over and over. This morning Rick and I were sitting in bed as we always do every morning, having our coffee together and we got quiet to listen to Superkid reading it in the other room. He was reading it so well too. It was very sweet. We heard him slow down when he got to the word "anything" because that was a big one for him (he's in kindergarten). They think the book is so funny and it is. Go check it out and support you local libraries by actually going in them:).


Just have to rave about my bravery to venture into new waters and make my own granola bars. I have put this off way too long and now that I've made them, I'm mad at myself for being afraid. THESE ARE SO DARN EASY! THEY ARE ALSO SO DARN GOOD. I'm heading into the kitchen after a rest to make some more for the week because the batch I made is CLEANED OUT! (I'm enjoying the caps lock today:) This recipe came out firm and crunchy but if you added a little more honey it would be chewier.

Oh, and if you get a minute, go over to visit Zimms Zoo, Christy has had some very thoughtful posts this week. I was blessed and you know me, I love when people dig down and find something churning in their hearts to share. I love it.

And I just had to share this cute picture of Shasta. She loves to get cozy on my bed. She's like a little puffy rug.

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