Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Call It Magical Motivation

Even a homebody needs to move, and it has been my goal this year to learn to run. I have never liked running....ever. I would tell anyone I know that I hate running and I do...or should I say did.
I found something out about myself. I was not running right and not using the proper motivation. I would walk fast during a show I like and then run the commercials. I could barely get through the five minutes of running. I was dying for that darn commercial to be over! Then, last week I found I did much better with the right music and starting low at about 4.2 mph. Before I would jack it up to 4.8 and it was not a pace I could keep long.
I've been doing this new method for a week and stretching myself to run up to a 4.5 or more for ten and even 15 minutes without slowing down. It's quite easy and feels really good actually. I'm able to run at least half of the hour work out and that would translate into 2 miles worth of running and 2 of walking. My goal is to run the whole hour in a few months.

Right now it looks like this

Warm up 10 min

Jog 10 min at about 4.2

Walk 5 min at about 3.8

Jog 15 min at 4.3-4.5 or more

Walk 5 min at 3.8

Jog 10 min at 4.2 or more

Walk 5 min to cool down

Music is magic to me and unfortunately there is not a lot of great running christian music out there, though Toby Mac is pretty close but my kids listen to it so much I'm needing a fresh set of songs.
Here is my new playlist geared up for a good bit of jogging. If you want to use it, it's here. Like I said, it's not meant to be spiritually inspiring. I have to test it out this afternoon to make sure it's long enough for a 1 hour workout.

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