Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why We Use Kid Code Names On the Blog

"Lilo", "Superkid"and "Princess"
One of my favorite pics from the trip (which yes...I'm still working on! Got some on Facebook though if you are in my network!)

Sarah asked me this and it's a valid question....

Why are our kids "under cover"?

Well, back in May when the Lord was leading us toward putting them in school, I decided it would be wise do not have their names on the blog just in case. We started in early before the decision was made so the time would laps before school started.

Here is the potential danger scenario:

Someone not good is viewing the blog (it is on the open web after all). They see their faces, and names. With some clever effort perhaps by the fault of my slipping up on a picture with noticeable background, or place names, they figure out where we live. This is not a big deal with homeschooling, but with public school it is. All they have to do is come up to the fence and call them by name. Perhaps tell them that there has been an emergency and their mommy and daddy (who mind you, they know their names too...and the other siblings, and family, and job, and whatever) Rick and Alicia, need them to pick them up. Now, mind you, the school has safety policies on who can pick them up. Yet, if they happen to lure the children to an unsafe place near a could be scary. On the other hand, if the kids hear their code name, (which I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to use) they know that person does not know them except through the blog. They can run and tell the teacher right away.

It's a worse case scenario precaution. The safety of it works if they drive up to our house and the kids are playing outside too. Kids think that if someone knows their name, they know them. It just gives that little protection. Not full proof, but something.

We do use their real names on facebook since it's in a network of friends and family only.

Does that make sense?


Zimms Zoo said...

That is almost the exact same reason we use code names. Our kids are so friendly that if someone calls them by name then they go immediately to them.

Way to scary in this day and age.

Love the picture.

Also loved the previous post. Sometimes in trying to get my kids "perfect" I lose sight of the fact that they are great kids!

Thanks for the reminder

sarah said...

Ah, that makes perfect sense. I had a feeling that your reason was something like that, but i wasn't for sure. Thanks for explaining! I love that you named your blog after your dad's quote - so sweet. :)