Monday, August 18, 2008

To Use a Southern Term.."I'm Pooped!"

I am home! Sorry for the dull silence here lately!
We did the trip in two days this time. Eight hours one day and ten the next. We hit the ground running though as the girls have summer camp this week. Since Sunday was a church potluck and getting to see our pastor's photos from Israel, I have not even fully unpacked lots of our stuff. The girls had to be repacked right away and I forgot a few things for them.
So, I'm pooped.
I promise I will try this week to get some pics up. I have a lot to do though as school starts next week and I'm going to be trying to keep Superkid entertained without his sisters to play with. It is kinda fun to have him to ourselves for a few days though. Especially now that he is becoming a big guy and heading off to kindergarten next week.

Judy...I should see you soon! I need to pull my stuff together and bring it in. Thanks for your greetings!


tricia said...

It was great to see you on Sunday. I look forward to seeing your pictures. I hope we can get together this week.

Zimms Zoo said...

Glad you had a safe and fun trip. Can't wait to see the pictures.