Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thankful For Confident Children

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I had to just get some of these thoughts down as they are happening. It's a cool summer morning, dark from fog cover (yeah for that break:), my fan is running and I'm sipping my coffee in quiet as the kittens have had their early morning energy burst and got sleepy, and Superkid is sound asleep in his little loft bed still.
It's strange to not have the girls, and in that, I find myself reflective of the event. Lilo's first year at camp.
Rick and I were both just so happy to be home from our trip for more than location reasons. We both were overwhelmed with a great sense of contentment with and joyfulness about our little family. I had a renewed appreciation for my husband and our love, and how we work together. What our common goals are, and our relaxed, yet focused perspectives are. We were also full with a love for our kids. We just love our kids....they are great kids. Not perfect, but great.
Having the girls take off only increased our thoughts about this. Just last night Rick mentioned that he had been pondering how great our girls are and I found it ironic that our heads were in the same place. These are not really "better than other kids" thoughts, nothing stuck up, just purely appreciative and thankful for God's blessings to us.
Princess had her first year of camp last year and loved it. She was more than ready for another go. She just loves the social time and absorbs the biblical concepts like a sponge.
Lilo dove into her first camp year with almost an overwhelming lack of fear. Mommy was a little wishing she would be a little more dependant on us! Nope. She heard me saying the day before on the way to church that I was going to be going out to the camp and she was worried I was staying. I explained that I was just talking about dropping them off and she was relieved. When we got there she headed right in and set out her stuff, making herself right at home. Not a smidgen of timidity. When I said goodbye, I had to squeeze a hug and kiss into her focus on setting up house! It was a little hard that she did not need me more. Yet, I was overwhelmed with a thankfulness that both girls were excited to live a bit of life without us. That is the end goal after all, to strengthen those wings so they can soar. Our kids seem to do real well spurred on by positive social settings like these. Superkid is my only real homebody and I think that even that is his being five and getting tired and ready to go home.
The Lord used this to just swell my heart with encouragement for next week when the venture from homeschool moves to the public school. I sense God having their little hands and keeping them. I am thankful they are geared up and ready to go. Though I become less important in these new areas of their lives, I am thankful they are strong and I get to be somewhat on the side and pray for them at times now. It grows my faith, and that is a good thing.
Sometimes it's healthy that we are not always needed. Humbling, but healthy. As long as they always come home and they follow the pursuit of the glory of God in their ever venture, I'll swell with joy on their every journey.
Praise God for His goodness and the peace He gives to my mothers heart.

(later today pics should be up!)


tricia said...

That is great that Lilo was able to go and not worry about you.

What a blessing God has given you. Peace, contentment, and joy.

sarah said...

Can i ask why you use fake names for your kids? I wasn't sure why you show their faces, but don't want their names used. I hope this doesn't have a rude tone to it, i honestly was just curious! :) Maybe you've explained it in previous posts, but i'm a new reader so i wasn't sure...

Alicia said...

yes, sarah I'd love a post.