Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Adventure Begins

For I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

That verse meant a great deal to me the last two years as my family has been on some amazing journeys. Yet, the level of what it means to me has only increased as I travel along.

God is so good. I think if you had taken me six months ago and catapulted me forward in time to this night, I would have freaked out! I would have been one big thing: SCARED. Yet, this evening I have joy and it's unexplainable. There is peace, like a river in my soul.

The girls are giddy. They got their hair cut today and picked out their outfits, filled their backpacks, and handed over their lunchboxes.

Oh, by the way, tomorrow is their first day in Public School since I have not mentioned that yet. :)
Superkid starts on Tuesday but goes in for a little assessment for 20 min tomorrow.

Rick sat and talked with the kids over ice cream tonight about the adventure they will have in being salt and light in a dark world. It was a good family time. The girls are coming down from a good week of bible camp and I thank the Lord now for the timing after hearing what they learned about. They even had some mean girls say a few things to them at camp (yes, even at a christian camp) and it opened a door way of discussion for me to share with them about these trials in life.
I mentioned to them that one way I learned to deal with getting picked on is to seek out that one kid that got picked on the most and be their best friend. It's true, her name was Ruth. She had a very bad set of bucked teeth and everyone reminded her of it daily in the most cruel ways. She and I became best friends. I was not there for long so I don't know what happened to her later on, but it was a time when she needed a friend. Princess seemed impressed upon by this story since she brought it up on her own tonight and repeated it back to daddy in our discussion. I was glad she heard me. She has the gift to seek out that one person who is in need and I know she will be tenderhearted toward them.
So, I have to shove off and head to bed so I can be up EARLY!

I'll try to get back here to let y'all know how it went but I get to go to a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night to, so well see!


tricia said...

Hi Alicia,

I am up early this morning and have prayed for your day. I will continue to pray for you and your family today. Can't wait to hear how great the first day was. See you tonight.

Alicia said...

I somehow knew you were praying this morning for us Trish, thank you sister! I prayed too and was reminded what a great plan God is unfolding both on a big scale, and the small scale on each of us.
Is. 25 was a full meal for me spiritually today.
See you too!

Zimms Zoo said...

I first gotta say there are mean people no matter where you go and that is so disappointing. Second it sounds like your girls probably handled it OK. Yeah for their parents training!

I am anxious to hear how the day went!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,
I am glad that you and superkid were able to come over yesterday. There was so much going on but I am grateful for the little bit of time we got to visit.
Public school, Homeschool, Christian School, yikes! There are so many choices. I think you are right on with it all comes back to prayer and how the Lord is leading our families. Each family is soooo different. Isn't that great?!? At times I have thought I need to look like someone else wether in dress, actions, ways they do their family thing... but NO. those are lies from the enemy.

My very dearest friend is a suit and highheels business woman. (poor thing has to wear pantyhose:) ha!)Christian schools for here 5 kiddos. (Now 2 are in college) We all do things so differantly but thank God! She rolls her eyes at me when i am making bread. But none the less, she is my best friend and I have learned so much from her.

Your family is so sweet. You guys are doind a great job.
And Alicia, you are an inspiring woman. It has been really neat to read your blog and see how the Lord has been working in your life. You have really been on a journey. Thanks for letting us peak in on it.

New things for me? Silly but i am doing quilt journals. I just started my first one. fabric, paper, lace, beads and one huge mess! but.. i play anyways.

Keep keeping on.
Hope my note wasn't to long and hope the bad spelling doesn't hurt your eyes!

Alicia said...

thanks joanna for the sweet long note. i appreciated your words greatly.
i understand that struggle and agree that it's lies. it does one major thing to prove itself takes our eyes off Christ and put's them on us and others. There is your answer right there!

what exactly is a quilt journal?
sounds fun.:)
thanks for commenting, it's fun to have you come by and chat! Come again.