Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final Post: What I've Learned Here

It's time to say goodbye to this blog. *sniff/sigh*
I thought there could be no better way to go out of this chapter of my life than with what I have learned while here:
  • I have been thrust into the reality of the eternal glory of God like never before. I have grown to understand better why I am here on earth, what purpose I serve and what that has to do with forever. I have grasped the concepts of the resurrected earth and body and it has become a reality in my life, in no way perfecting me, but changing my life forever. I guess you could say I've grown to understand the gospel in it's biggest sense and purpose.
  • I have developed a craving for the taste of truth and have found that I ponder so much more on truth.
  • I have learned the wisdom of unity when it comes to the issues of christian liberties. I'm still learning this one but I feel my time on this blog really stretched me in this area. I've learned that "speaking the truth in love" can very quickly become a declaration of human judgement on my part and that for 99% of the time, I'm probably more wise to keep my eyes on Christ because he may show me later that I was thinking wrongly or, he may show the other person that and I can trust him to move in his time and he is the judge.
  • I have learned to be passionate about life. That my time here is a struggle but also an enjoyment.
  • I have learned that living a active life is healthy and beneficial to my family.
  • I have learned that God wants to guide me intimately and not make me look like some christian woman or group of women I think I should look like.
  • I have learned and am learning the gift of humility and the power it possesses. This one is probably the one I want to learn more of the most.
  • I have learned that people are so important to God. That he longs to use me in anyway to reach the ones around me. That they are the one thing besides our souls that we take with us into eternity.
  • I have learned that God is big, and I am small and that I like it that way.
  • I have grown acutely aware of legalistic thinking and hate it more than ever. I have learned that I have to watch out for it and it's trappings always.
  • I have learned even more what it means to walk by faith especially regarding my children.
  • I have been challenged as a parent and am learning to focus on the truth and let my children also become who God intimately wants them to be.
  • I have learned to have more fun and drink a glass of wine with my husband now and then.
  • I have learned to lighten up when it's time to lighten up, and be serious when it's time to be serious. I guess you could call that being more balanced and not going to extremes to save me or define me.
  • I have learned that God is the great provider of all I need.
  • I have learned that I need to be a better friend and look for ways to encourage my friends.

I think the greatest summary could be said this way: I came here feeling very temporally empty and sad. My dad had died and the world seemed cruel and harsh. The eternal was my passion and obsession to the point that I wished to speed through this life and get it over with. After all, the greatest joys were beyond and my precious savior waits at the end! Yet through this journey God has shown me that though life is a struggle, it is also a gift and a gift to be enjoyed. That if we go to one extreme we could be a fool and waste it but if we go to the other we could be too legalistic to enjoy it. (Ecc chapter 7 I think talks of this around verse 15 or so)

I learned that God did not mean me to hold my nose, cover my ears and shield my eyes through this world anymore than he meant me to run like a fool through it trying and doing anything that came into my selfish fancy. He meant me to be alive, to live, and to live for Him and his eternal purposes and glory. To enjoy the passions of life he has given me in my portion and enjoy them well and with thanks. To be creative and imaginative and smell the roses. Yet to know that my bedrock is secure and my goals are to always be for the eternal kingdom of God. I have learned that I am on a challenging road to balance these the rest of my life. To be wary of those who go to one extreme or the other, and to keep my eyes on Christ and all he has for me in this life and forevermore. That is an adventure I look forward to taking.

I'd like to end with this youtube Lilo's teacher told me about. As we go out as a family into the public school, it's encouraging and also as we take on foster parenting. It's good for everyone though.



Joy said...

That Youtube video is powerful. I've never seen it. Thanks for sharing it on this last post.

Your post is so well written and we hear your heart. It is a great sign-off to give you closure to this blog.

See you in the country.


Michelle said...

Thank you for emailing me your new blog info! Things have been so busy for the past week or two that I haven't had much time to look at blogs...*tear* :( I just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten about it! Can't wait to see what your "new place" looks like. :)