Friday, May 1, 2009

A Bit Of Reality Blogging

I decided today to do something different with the blog for a bit and see what happens. I've wondered lately what direction to take my blogging in. I've wondered if anyone comes by much anymore. The only reason that makes me curious is because it takes time to blog and I honestly do love discussion, sharing and comment conversation. I like to know that I'm not just spewing out into space. Some people don't mind that, I enjoy feedback and banter. There does not seem to be much of it here. I've had a hard time with that. I've asked myself what makes those blogs that have zillions of people reading and responding? What is so interesting about them? And yet, I want to be myself and why does it bother me so much that this blog is not that. I feel like some kid in grade school not in the in crowd. Then I laugh out loud in my own head...because I never was! Welcome home Alicia. Welcome home.

The only reason I long for it is because I do so love to write. I love to think, I love to be real. I love to get things out, hash them over and chat about them. I so enjoy may other blogs but I'm more of the writer than the reader. I've been sorting a lot in my head about the blog and still have not made some final decisions. Some days I want to drop it, another I just want to dive into a new topic of thoughts and hear some of the readers as well. I wonder if my brain is just by itself way out in left field or if I just don't say it quite right so that anyone knows what in the world I'm talking about here. Or, I just have very quiet and blog shy readers. Who knows what the answer is. Oh, and thanks Trish for always coming and ALWAYS chatting with me! I love coming here to hear what anybody chats about and appreciate those of you who back talk me:). I understand that I'm an unpredictable blogger and send some people spinning with all the changes. I'm not a good candidate for consistency at all.LOL

So, for the next few days I'm going to just Reality Blog as I call it. That way, whatever happens I've kept a journal of my life.
Day One...Today.

Today began hard. Princess got hurt and bit her tongue literally (though I would have preferred figuratively) during the school prep time. In her anger she loudly told Lilo not to come in the room and bug her (also Lilo's room). The problem was that I had told Lilo to go get something she needed for school and when she came back out without it I asked her why she did not have it. "She told me I could not come in!" "What?" I asked. Lilo proceeded to tell me what had happened. I was frustrated with Princess and had to tell her, this was not just her room so she had no right to tell Lilo not to come in. Of course this happened way too close to the time to leave. We were in the car frustrated and Princess got grounded from playing with friends this evening because of her snipping at her sister. Then Lilo begins to cry because that meant they could not play basketball like she had wanted. It was a horrible ride to school. On top of their issues I could hardly talk from a still sick throat, my head was a sea of slush still, it was my heavy cramp day, and all the meds I'd taken being in bed sick yesterday had given me a UTI peeking right during the great hour of "get ready for school". I had ran to the cabinet to shove down some dried cranberries and a glass of water during the drama and rushed to my bathroom to down three Advil for my cramps. Of course, it did not kick in at all till after I had dropped them off. And we all know, there is no corner in the known universe reserved for the mom who feels like crap. Nope.
I went home and tried to gather my foggy clogged up brain for grocery shopping. This last pay check took us down to the bottom so I knew I had to be smart on this one and gather all I could for what the budget allowed. As I sat and tried to sort it out I just kept being bothered by the morning and the way it had gone. I hated dropping them off on days like this. I decided it was my decision today where my child was. I felt a burden that Princess needed some time with just me. Not to reward her, but to make sure her love tank was full as I've been in bed sick for two days and she has had no mommy really at all this week. I gathered up my lists and adds, purse and phone and headed out the door.
I went in and told them I needed to sign her out for the rest of the day. They gave me no trouble and called her out of class. She did not seem surprised to see me. I asked her why and she said she thought it was because of this morning. I was glad she affirmed that she needed some time.
We went to Trader Joes first and she wrote down the items and prices while I got what we needed. Total: $42.41
Next we headed to VONS for the specific deals I had found in the add. Foster Farms half chicken breasts for 99 cents a lb. and ground beef for 99 cents a lb. were some exciting sales since meat has been so hard to get at a good price. There was also some pork shoulder for 99 cents a lb which I plan to make into some BBQ pork which they love. That and some dollar bread and pretzels completed our trip. Total: $28.87
Now for Food For Less for pretty much any other non-add items we needed. I was excited to find they had a whole 4lb. lunch meat slab (for lack of a better word) for six bucks! I just need to ask my neighbor to slice it in their meat slicer and then plan to use some for other meals like some breakfast muffin flowers we have not had in a long time. Total: $52.44
Here we stopped for some girl time out at Panda Express. It's one of Princess favorite places. She and I shared a plate of mushroom chicken, noodles, and sweet and sour pork. Her picks. I decided the whole time I was not going to pick topics, or try to talk about life, I was just going to be there for her and let her talk. She talked lighthearted and casual and I think that was just what she needed. Lately there have been so many issues that we seem to only talk when it's about deep hard stuff. A little silly small talk is sometimes important.
Our last stop was for some produce that I had spotted on a Friday, Sat or Sunday only sale. We got a watermelon at 19cents a lb., red bell peppers at 50 cents each, mango's for 33 cents each (bought six to use in strawberry mango breakfast smoothies and maybe some chicken with mango salsa!) ready to go salad in a bag for a thrills, and tons of apples for school lunches. Total $25.06
For a grand total of $148.46... 52 bucks under budget!! That was what I was really hoping for to get those last few things through the next two weeks to make what I have at home work. It seems to be a better way of shopping for me. I get whats cheap, make some obvious meals and then work with the rest by adding one or two ingredients that Rick can pick up on his way home. Or just for another batch of bananas when my monkey of a son eats them all up the first week:)

When we started shopping it was sunny and we were looking for shade to keep the Trader Joes mink cold. By the third store, it was windy and beautiful big dark clouds were blowing in. Once we came out of Albertsons, it was raining! How fun, and it smelt so good! We rented two dollar movies at the machine too which was a fun thrill since we NEVER do that! She walked around sipping her concoction of Dr.Pepper mixed with Sierra Mist that she kept begging me to try out because it was so good. To which I kept making a funny face and tasting it anyway. We had a good time.
We came home and unloaded stuff with just little bit of time before it was time to pick up the other two. It was our secret that she had been home but she made them some butterscotch pudding for after school snack and pretended that I had made it when they got home. :)
So, it's rainy, Rick is due to be done at five and I'll now be heading into the kitchen to make Sloppy Joes, mashed potatoes, sauteed zucchini, salad and watermelon for dessert. Rick called a bit ago and said "oh, honey, that sounds so good!". I just love when he says that.
We plan to veg out and watch "Hotel For Dogs".
And that...was the day. Started hard but worked it's way back around. There is something about the struggle that makes the good times that much sweeter.


Michelle said...

"There is no corner in the universe reserved for the mom that feels like crap." I LOVE that! So true, so true.

I have been reading your blog on and off for awhile now...i forget exactly how i found it, but i believe i was intrigued by the "shoot for eternity" title that i saw on someone's sidebar. I have commented in the past but it seems like you maybe didn't "comment back" and when that happens i generally think that i may have butted in where i wasn't wanted! (Just b/c i don't know you personally, i mean, and you may be thinking WHO is this person?! ha ha)

So maybe that is why other people don't comment so much b/c it almost feels voyeristic (have no idea how to spell that)to read a stranger's blog, you know? But then again, any public blog is open to comments and i guess we should all keep that in mind. :) I do enjoy your thoughts though and hope you don't mind that i continue reading...Your shopping trip sounded so productive! And we love panda express too...mmmm, their orange chicken is the best. I bet your daughter enjoy your "secret date" more than you know!

Alicia said...

Oh, no, I absolutely do remember your comment (it was on my post about feeling at a Parental Loss)! I appreciated it too. Depending on my week, I don't always get back to comments. Sometimes, and I remember actually doing this with your comment, I respond in my brain while I'm puttering around the house and then forget to get on and write it. I also wonder if people always come back to read responses but, you are right, I should always do it anyway.
I wish I could convince everyone to be as brave as you and comment even though you don't know me personally. It's funny Michelle, I started blogging so that my family could keep up on our immediate family and my own mother rarely reads my blog and my Mother in Law never comments. My SIL has been faithful to stick with me and I love knowing that she keeps in touch this way. So, my great joy is hearing from new people and meeting them this way.
So, YES, comment, have something to say! It's what makes this so much more fun and it keeps me writing.
Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, when it seems like people aren't commenting and you're not sure who's out there reading. I've thought the exact same things recently! I have no idea how I found your blog, I tend to "blog hop", clicking on sidebar links I find interesting. I can relate to what the previous commenter said, even though blogs are "public" it can sometimes feel weird to comment on a personal blog if you don't know the person at all. Still, I love getting comments so I've sworn to comment on the blogs I read more often.
I read all my blogs in Google Reader, so sometimes I just forget to click over to leave comments - if only there was a way to comment from the reader! ;)
I like the idea of "reality blogging" - I don't know if I've ever read anybody do this before!
You've got a great blogging "voice", hope you keep it up!

Alicia said...

dear teasingly..
thanks for the kindred thoughts...all I can say is

tricia said...

Sounds like you and princess had a great day together. I enjoy hearing about your day.

Alicia said...

thanks..heard you had a pretty fun one too:)
hey, at least your kids saw some action and maybe they won't be doing weird things at home anymore:) maybe? hope so:) otherwise you guys are going to have to start video surveillance!:)

Joan said...

I love these "reality" blogs, Alicia, because I feel like I can see your life down there. Living so far away, and having limited phone time, it's nice to glimpse your reality. Thanks for blogging! I have more thoughts, but almost never have time to comment. Love you!

I am Katy, said...

I love your sensitivity to your kids' emotional and spiritual needs. That's something I hope to develop. Oh, and you're a gifted writer to boot, so it's fun to read about your adventures in motherhood. So sad to see you're closing down the blog. It's been awhile since I've read your blog because for some reason when it went to "invite only" my side bar no longer told me when you had a new post. :(