Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My New Favorite Sandwich

Some of you know I'm trying hard to cut certain foods. I've cut out cheese and am trying not to do mayo. So, I have a new favorite Sandwich. It is SOOOOOO good.
It's just thin ham, hummus, lettuce and sliced cucumber. A little bit of comfort in a world of self deprivation!
The hummus serves the creamy that the cheese and mayo would give and the cucumber gives a lot of moisture. I personally had it on TJ's flourless multi-grain bread which is my favorite.
It would be good with a cooked portabella too but I don't buy those usually.


Stephanie said...

Oh, yes.... Hummus on sandwiches is SO yummy!

tricia said...

I like that sandwich a lot. I left the meat off recently and add more veggies. It was so good.

Alicia said... time i'm hoping to add shredded carrot and sprouts..yum.
glad you liked it!

Claire said...

That's it. I am going to try hummus as a sandwich spread. I love to dip baby carrots in it, but I haven't eaten sandwiches in awhile. You're the tenth person or so that's recommended it, so I'm in. :)