Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Five Year Old's Thankful List

Perhaps it's the fact that he is my last "baby" (though as those of you who know us know, he has not looked like a baby for a long, long time) but sometimes I hang on every little cute squeaky thing he says. Especially at prayer time. Lately he has been going through these long lists of "thank you"'s each time he prays. At first a few weeks ago I thought, how cute, and then the Lord used it to encourage me at this tough time of year. Here were some of the ones I remember as usuals:
"Thank you for our earth-
Thank you for my toys-
Thank you for my mommy and daddy-
Thank you for my kittens-
Thank you for my friends-
Thank you for our school-
Thank you for Mrs. E....-
Thank you for our world (he switches from earth to world sometimes)-
Thank you for dying on the cross-
Thank you for my sisters (I'm holding him to that one:)-
Thank you for mommy's dinners (that's my boy!)-
Thank you for our house-

There are lots more, and I keep thinking I need to write them down. He comes up with so much!

Then I got to thinking, what am I thankful for?
God's faithfulness and truth.
A husband who is so determined from his heart to love me and the kids.
Children who are so interesting and different. (God's holding me to that one:)
Children who are eager to learn of God.
Friends who are so caring and steady.
The amazing chances we have had to meet lots of people lately and start building relationships to share God's love in any way we can.
For such a quaint small town to do that in.
For the fact that my kids all have great teachers.
For need. I'm thankful for need. It helps me rely on God.
I'm thankful He has placed a great desire for Himself in me that is greater than all other forces and deceptions in my life.
I'm thankful for health.
I'm thankful for my mom and God's faithfulness to her this past year.
For the promises of God, mainly eternity and the awesome prospect of living in His goodness every moment.

What are you thankful for? What theme of gratitude is on your heart this year?


tricia said...

I love Superkids thankful list. Thank you for sharing your list. I am going to add more tomorrow morning. It will help to keep me from eating to much will I wait for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Judy said...

Hi Alicia,
This is a good theme. I hope I will touch on it when the bird is roasting tomorrow. I know I'm thankful to know you and your family. Happy Turkey Day!
Hearts & Hugs

I am Katy, said...

Thanks for the invite, but I'm so not a reader. I can't even remember the last book I read because it's been so long. Kind of funny that at one point I was considering getting a Master's degree in English, huh?