Monday, November 10, 2008

Heavy Hearted Hope

I've been working on this but wrote it the day after the election.

Heavy Hearted Hope
My hope is in you, my position secure,
My outcome foretold and strong to endure,
No wind can dare move what you have in place,
No darkness can hide the light of your face.

Ages may pass and men may lay plans,
But his every move, is your slight of hand,
Power and victory which none can attain,
Are wrapped up completely in your holy name.

So, tremble my heart for a moment today,
As men fall to blindness and further decay,
Find joy in the morning- all is in right,
When You show Your glory, Your power, Your might.

For even the workings of those who rebel,
You turn in submission of all being well-
Though seeing your truth so distasteful to men,
Does bring me to sadness again and again.

The roaring of masses caught up in deciet,
May run a chill from my head to my feet,
I weep for your word so strongly rejected,
A land where your statutes are quickly neglected-

But Your hand is steady; your way is straight,
I'm called to trust you and patiently wait-
For man is but mist and the fading of grass,
But Your Word was first, and it shall be last.

Finding my footing I'm filled with a joy,
It's power I'm certain I need to employ,
Growing my passion to blaze brighter still,
As shadow around is pressing it's will.

May I not shame you by covering my light,
But let it be boldened and evermore bright-
Heavy with purpose instead of with fear,
A longing to seek you and draw ever near.

Kingdoms and men will still fall and rise,
You hold them up and cause their demise-
Doing my part, I'll stand for your name,
Though here and now it may bring me shame-

Eternity waits and it's victory I feel,
It fills me with triumph this cannot steal-
You who hold all will keep ever steady,
This servant, this witness whose standing here....ready.

Alicia November 5th, 2008
(please do not copy or forward)


I am Katy, said...

You definitely have a way with words. Thansk for sharing.

ewan and tates mom said...

That was BEAUTIFUL! That NEEDS to be published!! Thanks for sharing it!

Stephanie said...

This is really good. The literary (as opposed to conversational) vocabulary and writing style give it a unique depth and quality and really bring out the theme (which is profoundly consistent throughout the entire piece). Well done!

(I'm sure you were not looking for a critique... sorry, my comment just came out that way!)

Alicia said...

Thanks guys. I was my worst critique on this one. I'm so out of tune with writing poetry as life is so busy. Big stuff happening usually awakens the sleeper in me.
Appreciate the kudoes and hope more than that to encourage others by it at this time in history. :)

tricia said...

Hi Alicia,

Thank you for sharing the poem. I always enjoy reading your poems.