Monday, December 6, 2010


I've just about given up on blogging. I love it but I've had so little time for it. As I pondered what to do I was thinking a great deal about my grandma. She lives in Indiana and she does not have a computer. I always feel bad that I'm not good at keeping up with what we are up to for her.
I had thought that I'd like to print all my past blogging and bind it for her for Christmas. Well, as I started looking into that it became obvious that this was going to be a huge task. I was going to have to skip all over my scattered trail on the web! So, I decided it was time to pull it all together and keep it together. Shoot For Eternity is my blog with the most pertinent writing on it so I'm bringing it all here. I will continue to blog when I can here. I have great deal I'd LIKE to blog...we'll see. This year I'm sending her a digital frame so she can see pictures of the kids. Next year sometime I'd like to have all the blog journaling for her. I'd like to beef up the lables and stuff too.
The web address will still be the Shoot For Eternity one but the blogs name has changed. The word that just kept coming to me as I think about pulling together the journey of the last five years was sovereignty, God's amazing sovereignty. I so depend on His sovereignty!

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tricia said...

God's sovereignty is so amazing. It is what I cling to when my days, weeks,or months are difficult. I look forward to reading when you do blog.