Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Journeyman
I set out years ago to journey-
To walk life’s road with you,
I couldn’t see where steps would lead,
Or what we would go through,
Yet certain as the sunshine bright,
Was the prospect of my delight,
To just set out with you.

And so the days began to turn,
And months gave way to years,
We welcomed many a right good laugh,
We endured such waves of tears.
Yet emotions ranging high or low,
We kept our ever steady flow,
And carried on as two.

You’ve been the kindness of the morning,
You’ve been the comfort of the night,
With all the world that’s ever turning,
I’ve kept you always in my sight.
And I look forward to the morrow,
Be it good or be it sorrow,
To pass this way with you.

To think that my Creator loved,
More than math could measure,
And gave on top of all the rest,
This one perfected pleasure.
This journey birthed inside his mind,
That brought us to each others find,
That I should walk with you.

The way reaches on to meet the sky,
Where my eyes fail to see,
But Christ leads ever on before us,
And “Oh, how he loves you and me!”
So my heart with thanks abounding,
Now eager, full and pounding,
Sets out to walk with you.

For my Valentine- Feb.14, 2008


johnandjoand said...

I love the poem, Alicia. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Alicia said...

Thanks Joan, good to hear from you! I hope you all had a fun Valentines too!