Thursday, January 31, 2008


Love is a deep emotion. Pain is deeper still. It takes us to the core of ourselves.
Note for a moment when the two towers fell. What was the reaction of so many who didn't even normally profess Christ? It was a sudden turn to the comfort of the Creator, God.
In pain we are stripped of all security, we are removed of our idols, we are brought to the very end of ourselves.
Our worlds go foggy and we can't seem to think or dare to see the next stepping stone before us in our lives. We reach out to the hand that we know from somewhere in our making, IS THERE. Pain brings us to that place.

What a loving God that He desires to get to the core of who we are. He want's to be the framework of who were are. To get there, perhaps there becomes the need for pain. Though it does not make sense to us, and it is so uncomfortable and unthinkable why a loving God would give permission for evil to touch us, it is an affirmation that He wants to be found.

Love makes an impression; pain makes a depression. A void that can only be met by Him.

So, before reflecting a lot on love in Feb. I thought it was important to remember the importance of pain.

Interesting thought: If love adds to us, and God fills what is taken away by pain, we are whole and lacking nothing. His character then engulfs every part of who we are.
And that is the goal, the Christian's greatest desire on it's way to fulfillment.


Amy Barnard said...

Isn't that the truth! The whole Christian life is a paradox... for healing there needs to be wounds, for the greatest you must become the least... what beautiful fruit can come from the death of a seed resurrected as a truth in our own lives. Pain is beautiful so much as it causes us to grow but without the growth there is nothing but more pain. Praise God that He has opened your eyes to such depth of wonder in Him.

Alicia said...

Thanks Amy!
Hey! You Have a Blog! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! I get to visit you now! So happy I am! :)