Friday, December 7, 2007

Closing Thoughts

Lord, Keep me on the days I feel like motherhood is something I'm going to survive.
Pour out your grace when I've poured out myself and feel there is nothing left.
Protect me from myself when I want my life free from mess, and mess is just what finds me.
Show me how I can grow from being humbled in my loss of self control when it's the very thing I'm trying to teach.
Renew me with the assurance that what I'm setting out to do is your purpose for me.
Let that sustain when the immediate reward is lacking, or virtually non-existent.
Let me have joy in the moments when family fun even wears me out.
Give me wisdom to know when to take a moment of quiet. Let me find you there.
Let me not measure the day by my mistakes, but by your grace.
Let today's lack of a mother's patience, be tonight's prayer for repentance, and tomorrow's quest to start again in pursuit of your glory.
Thank you that that glory will indeed be achieved by your work whether I had a bad day or not.
Thank you for the good days ahead.


Christina said...

Beautiful Alicia! Do you mind if I post it on my blog (giving you credit of course!)? I think that other moms would benefit from reading it. And it goes along rather nicely with what I just posted.

Thank you for sharing your heart. I enjoy these type of posts the most from you I think. Somehow the careful thought that goes into each line says more than paragraphs can at times. Funny, huh? You have a definite gift for poetry.

Alicia said...

I've been wanting to get back to read your article (been a little crazy, can you tell) it would probably be good timing for me.
I thank the Lord that it encouraged you. I want this blog to be all aspects of my life, event he hard ones. Use at will.:)

Alicia said...

oops, I meant "even the hard ones"